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Germany's digital scoreboard

Sound fundamentals, low-interest rates, and record high employment currently bode well for the German economy, but to tackle long-term challenges such as ageing and digitalisation, Germany urgently needs to step up its game, both in terms of investments and structural reforms. Our digital dashboard highlights the pain points and the opportunities

Executive summary

  • Some dark clouds have appeared in the German economic sky. The increased protectionist drive would definitely hurt the self-proclaimed export world champion, and Italian politics and the continuing migration crisis could slow down the current euphoria. And then there are longer-term challenges such as ageing and digitalisation.
  • Complacency is not an option. The German economy needs new investments and structural reforms. Improving the digital infrastructure is urgently needed as digitalisation is key. Not only to get the German population up to speed but to ensure that German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and all the hidden champions, don’t fall behind the international competition.
  • While Germany has a digital agenda for 2025 - a lot needs to be done to become a real forerunner. In 2013, Chancellor Angela Merkel called the internet “Neuland”. It might not be so new anymore, but Germany clearly needs to step up its game to really embrace and reap the benefits of “Neuland”.

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