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Want to be one step ahead? Then let’s go.

Sure there are banks in Germany that are more famous than we are. There’s a reason for that: ING Wholesale Banking is almost like a startup when you compare it to the traditional players in Germany. Growing. Creative. The next generation of banking. Forging new paths – with a new approach.

We want to be one step ahead, and find the best solutions for our customers. Others want to do that, too, of course. But we do it differently: With people, who are open to thinking in new directions and who constantly work to develop their expertise. With a corporate culture that relies on its employees’ drive – and gives them the freedom to develop their own ways of implementing their ideas. They work in dedicated, continuously developing teams where everyone is treated as an equal and works together to find solutions.

All this is based on a solid expertise and a deep understanding of the customer’s situation, the markets and regulations. The difference comes from our creative and engaged professionals, who aren’t afraid to put in the work to get results for their clients. We’ve already achieved a lot through our way of doing things. And we’re planning so much more – in Germany and around the world

As an employee, you become part of this exciting development: You help drive the future of wholesale banking while developing your own future. You take responsibility of large and challenging projects – and work with your colleagues to create a truly “great place to work.”

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We make them profitable.

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