Corona Update

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Corona Update

The coronavirus is continuing to spread into more and more countries around the world. At ING, we are doing everything possible to keep our employees healthy and safe as well as ensure smooth continuation of service to our customers.

We as ING are highly committed to continue to deliver full service, support and advice to our clients at the best of our ability, using all communication possibilities at our disposal and striving for seaming-less banking operations.

Protecting critical operations

To ensure the continuity of our business we have split critical operations such as Treasury, Financial Markets, Lending, Payments and Tech infra across several locations. Staff in these critical operations in Singapore, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, New York and Manila has been separated into three independent groups: one works from ING’s offices, another from a remote location and the third group works from home, with no contact between the groups.

TomiOur corporate client advisors are also there for you from the home office as usual.

Pandemic plan to keep operations running smoothly

As many organizations, ING has a pandemic plan that identifies different threat levels, with increasingly strict requirements for each. The measures taken so far include travel restrictions and the possibility for staff to work from home. In this way we can limit contact between employees in the same functions and limit the spread and impact of infection. Working from home has been tested and phased in to assure continuity and maintaining service delivery. Likewise, with the health of our clients top of mind, we are using telephone and video conferencing when possible to limit face-to-face meetings.

We have reached out to our external suppliers who support us in our operations to make sure they apply similar measures to ensure their business continuity. A central crisis management team monitors the measures we’ve put in place and updates senior management continuously to reflect the operational readiness of each country.

Stay in contact with us

Even if the contact possibilities are currently limited to virtual meetings, it is important to stay in touch especially at these times. We will keep you updated about the measures we are taking to safeguard our people and our business. If you need further details or have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your relationship manager directly.

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