Making sustainability pay

Let's go ahead together! Regardless, if you are developing innovative technologies or implementing new business models – we will support you on the path to more sustainability.

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Sustainability Improvement Loan:

Learn more about the sustainability improvement loan.

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Green and Social Bonds:

Learn more about green and social bonds.

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Sustainable Investments:

Learn more about sustainable investments.

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Sustainability Schuldschein:

Learn more about sustainability schuldschein.

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How B2B-Fintechs and Banks are Joining Forces

Most B2B-Fintechs have turned towards banks over the last few years. Hardly any fintech still positions itself as an opponent but rather the most promising fintechs are now partners of the banks, with some of them even having financial institutions as equity providers. The Fintech study "Love at Third Sight" examines at the relationship between fintechs and banks and paints a promising picture for the future.

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Banks connect capital to entrepreneurial visions

Banks offer many ways to promote and support the transition to a sustainable economy. It is in your best interest to strategically integrate sustainability into your business activities and expand the range of innovative green financing instruments.

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Disruptors, Enablers, Partners

First study about the B2B Fintech market in Germany

This paper takes the form of a benchmark survey. For the first time ever, there is an analysis of the German FinTechs that focus on B2B.

  • What are the different categories in the B2B sector?
  • How many are there in the market?
  • In which areas are they operating?

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First study about the B2B Fintech market in Germany – “Disruptors, Enablers, Partners. Fintechs and the corporate banking business of banks.”

The Fintech scene has not stopped booming. These “new kids on the block” still receive a high level of attention, because they have significantly changed the lives of private investors and savers with their innovative ideas and products.
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