We strive to always offer our customers the best and the most innovative products and solutions. To achieve this, we also rely on co-operation with international fintechs and third party providers.


How B2B-Fintechs and Banks are Joining Forces

Fintechs have become an integral part of the B2B market and their relationship with banks and other corporate clients can be described as "love at third sight". Learn more about the complex interplay between fintechs and financial institutions in corporate banking.

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ING study on the German B2B Fintech market

Currently, 103 out of 544 German fintechs focus on the corporate client banking business. Our study on the German B2B fintech market is the first to contain many broader insights about their business models and their practical experiences. 

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PSD 2: things are going to change

The new service directive PSD 2 is proof that regulations can also create huge opportunities for banks.

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