Trends in Payment

Payments Innovation

We are currently focusing on themes that will change the world of payments. Our goal is to offer tailor-made solutions for the most urgent challenges for our clients and to support them in improving their market opportunities. To achieve this goal, we are cooperating with innovative Fintechs and outsourcing partners. ING has already initiated cooperation with approximately 100 Fintechs globally.

Our major projects include:

  • Applying positive effects of digitalization to optimize efficiency and transparency
  • Finding solutions for the challenges of our clients and helping them exploit market opportunities- not only as vendors, but as partners and associates
  • Building bridges that connect our retail and wholesale banking teams in order to create best-in-class proposals for our clients
  • Evaluating Fintechs and outsourcers in order to offer value-added services that improve the quality of our products and services

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