Sustainability improvement loan

Making sustainability pay

Sustainability improvement loan

Sustainable business presents opportunities for ING to work with clients in their transition towards tomorrow’s economy. Defining this journey together is very exciting. No longer is there only a focus on the financials – the wider cost to society is also being considered. And at ING Wholesale Banking, we are doing our bit to help businesses improve their sustainability performance.

ING constructed the first deal in the syndicated loan market where pricing is linked to a sustainability rating. The Sustainability improvement loan goes beyond the traditional concept of ‘green’, as it is specifically related to improvements in the borrower’s overall sustainability rating, or ESG score. This means social and governance elements are just as important as the environmental aspect.

The interest rate of a Sustainability improvement loan is linked to the company’s sustainability performance. The client’s sustainability rating is benchmarked by a sustainability rating partner. If the rating goes up, the interest rate goes down - and vice versa. A Green loan is a corporate loan of which the use of proceeds is linked specifically to sustainable projects, green product development or a ‘green’ project portfolio of the client, whereas a Sustainability improvement loan can be used for general corporate purposes.

We want to help your business improve its sustainability performance and offer you the financial incentives to do so. A sustainability rating enables tracking progress, not only to assess today’s performance but also to map out tomorrow’s opportunities.