Sustainability Schuldschein

Making sustainability pay

Sustainability Schuldschein

For us as a bank, sustainable management also means taking bold steps and exploring new paths. This allows us to support you as a pioneer in sustainable corporate financing.

Our Sustainability Schuldschein is a reliable yet green instrument for your long-term financing goals. The Schuldschein has become an attractive financing tool, especially for larger corporations and the upper medium-sized companies. The loan can be tailored to the specific requirements of corporate clients and unlike bonds, it generally involves less transaction costs.

The ESG-linked Schuldschein goes one step further linking fixed and variable interest rates with the company's overall sustainability performance. Using ESG-criteria, an independent rating-agency assesses the extent to which your company is developing in a sustainable manner. Here, social and corporate responsibility are just as important as environmental factors. If the customer can achieve a better sustainability rating, the interest rate on the loan will be reduced. The Sustainability Schuldschein, thus, creates incentives for companies to invest not only in green projects but also to adopt a more sustainable business model. This form of corporate financing also allows us to collectively contribute to a more sustainable society.

Transitioning to sustainable business? Dürr AG leads the way!

In June 2019, the machinery and plant manufacturer, Dürr AG became the first company worldwide to place an ESG-linked Schuldschein. ING jointly arranged and structured the EUR 200 million transaction together with LBBW. Parts of the Schuldschein were subscribed via a digital Schuldschein marketplace. Dürr AG was advised by ING in the selection of the sustainability rating agency. The transaction marks Dürr AG’s successful venture into sustainable financing, demonstrating that sustainability and profitable business are not mutually exclusive.

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