Sustainable Investments

Making sustainability pay

Sustainable investments

By offering a wide variety of products, services and initiatives, ING has been committed to sustainability for over twenty years. We believe that companies addressing climate change and resource scarcity will be the winners of tomorrow's economy. Our strategy is to support you in moving towards more sustainable business models.

Within ING, we have identified several focus areas including circular economy, energy transition and water management, in which we have built ample expertise to help you grow your business.

That being said, certain business models or client proposition have a risk profile that is not yet suitable for an all-in senior financing solution. Frequently the underlying technology, innovative concept or life cycle is complex and requires some kind of risk-bearing capital. This is where ING Sustainable Investments comes in to offer you a customised solution.


Sustainable investments

ING Sustainable Investments supports scale-ups with a proven concept that have a positive environmental impact. With a proven concept, we mean a confirmed technology or pilot plant with recurring customers and expected positive cash flows.

We target opportunities which have a strong impact on energy, material or water usage across all sectors. Initially, the team will pro-actively pursue opportunities in the Benelux, and over time will extend the focus to ING’s other core markets, such as Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  

ING Sustainable Investments provides a wide range of structured equity and subordinated debt solutions. By combining these products in one package designed for your needs, we can help you achieve your environmental goals.


Investment strategy

The ING Sustainable Investments team has extensive experience in financial structuring and a drive to understand your technology or innovative concept. This enables us to step in when standard financing solutions may not be feasible. Flexibility is the hallmark of our approach, whether in terms of products offered, type of business, or governance. Our investments are based on certain criteria. For example, we preferably invest as minority shareholder, together with management and strategic parties with added value.


Our approach

ING Sustainable Investments is a partner you can trust and is backed by the stability and reputation of a major international financial institution. At the same time, we place our trust in management’s ability to lead the business according to its own vision and experience. As your business partner, our approach can differ in several key areas from other investors in the Benelux and ING’s core market. ING Sustainable Investments is a dedicated unit within ING Corporate Investments.