Manage your risks and assets


Foreign exchange solutions

As an internationally operating corporate, you will most likely be exposed to fluctuations in foreign exchange (FX) rates. We can help you with customised solutions that fit your underlying FX exposures, risk profiles and views.

Focus on your core business without any FX worries

  • Reduce FX risk
  • Variety of FX solutions for both G-10 and emerging market currencies
  • Electronic platform for standard spot and forward businesses
  • Tailored solution to your specific situation

Our traditional strengths: foreign exchange and emerging markets

Besides offering a full product suite in the so-called G-10 currencies, we excel in emerging market currencies. If your company has FX exposure in emerging market currencies, our Emerging Markets Handbook offers a good reference guide for all local particularities. Our FX Option Solutions Booklet contains popular strategies used by many corporates. 

Our local presence in Eastern Europe provides us special capabilities in light of hedging for those currencies.

Global Foreign exchange