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Excess cash

Does your company have excess liquidity? Are you interested in investing this liquidity in the short or medium-term future? We can help you with various tailor-made investment products. 

Invest your excess liquidity

  • Short and medium-term solutions for excess liquidity
  • Investment solutions that fit regulatory requirements of both the customer base and the bank
  • Short-term investment solutions through deposits, lightly structured deposits and securities
  • Award-winning ING Euro Commercial Paper desk
  • repurchase agreements, securities lending transactions and tri­party repo transactions

Advantages of investment in securities

The big advantage of products in security form is that it is easier to diversify your investment portfolio by investing in multiple credits, and the tradability of securities provides liquidity if needed. 

ING Euro Commercial Paper desk

The award-winning ING Euro Commercial Paper (ECP) desk can assist you in investing your excess liquidity in the various ING Bank NV issuance programmes, but also in a very wide range of other issuers, ranging from government entities, to corporates, to other financials.

Global Excess cash