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Virtual becomes reality

Virtual becomes reality: Optimize cashflow and working capital with virtual credit cards

In the beginning, credit cards were a simple tool that helped people pay for goods without cash. Over time, they have gone from status symbol to a practical means of payment in the world of e-commerce. For company treasurers, credit cards are no longer shiny little cards in the employees’ wallets, they are completely virtual and offer many advantages to their business.

Treasurers face the same predicament every day: They have to pay the invoices of suppliers as quickly as possible in order to get a discount, but they also need to optimize the cashflow and working capital. However, the experts at ING have developed a virtual credit card payment solution that offers companies financial advantages.

By using a virtual card number generated online, a transfer can be made for a specific payment. This makes reduced costs possible, lets treasurers stay in control, and card users enjoy the same convenience. The potential uses are growing continuously. The solution can already be directly integrated in ERP systems.